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Update frequency and method.


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Hi Nick, I want to preface this by saying I've really enjoyed using Synergy for several years now and I've always found it reliable and usable. However in the last few months I've found myself far less inclined to turn synergy on due to a number of issues. 1. Updates: There appear to be updates more or less every time I turn the app on, I know this is exacerbated by my incidental use of the application, but when running multiple machines the restriction to have the same version number constantly means that my average start-up is: [list][*]Open app.[/*:m][*]Notice version update and click download.[/*:m][*]Get taken to a page that doesn't even have the download links on it.[/*:m][*]Login to site.[/*:m][*]Download app.[/*:m][*]Reinstall over the top of the existing app.[/*:m][*]Login to app during setup.[/*:m][/list:u] This has to be done on each machine and my normal days needing synergy involve 3 machines. So the question arises, could one of the coming features please be in-app updates that occur in the background? This issue has only been occurring the past few months, but it's severely hampering what was a simple to use, no stress UX a few years ago. Thanks, Jack
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