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Apple Magic Trackpad 2 problems

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My Apple Magic Trackpad 2 does not function correctly with my other macbook pro when I use synergy.

For gestures like two fingers swiping left to right to go back a page in a web browser: This functions as expected on the server (share from) mac but on the client (sharing to) mac the gesture is lost.

There are several applications I use for game design that require the trackpad 2 in for efficiency, it would be nice to have it function as it normally does when connected to the share from mac/computer

I imagine this specific use case is not the normal for the majority of users, I understand if it's behind all more important features and bugs. Please someday come back and consider a fix.

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Ah! I second this motion! Have exactly the same issue as well with my Magic Trackpad 2. So it would be awesome if this could be addressed in a future release! :-)

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