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Memory Usage High

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William Halpern
I was running 1.7.3 and seeing tremendous slowdowns on both client and server (win 8.1 and win7 respectively). I saw that SynergyD.exe was taking 100% of one of my processors on the server and 27% on the client. I found a post that said you could just stop the synergyD.exe process and the memory usage would go away while Synergy continued to work. That seems to be true. I also downloaded and ran the nightly build BD3a8e9 on the client since someone posted that the fix was in that build. The builds log said that 1.7.4 was stable but couldn’t find a way to download it (other than the nightly). It would not allow connections between the two machines if I installed it on both. Server would not accept connection from client. So, I am running 1.7.3 on server and 1.7.4 on client. Memory usage ok on client. Ended synergyd on server and memory usage OK there. Any help or advice would be appreciated.
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