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Mac command/Control/Option keys break connection


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Windows KB and a mouse connected to Win 10 as the server, Mac High Sierra as the client.

Since the ability to map keys is not available for some time (+1 req for that btw) I occasionally just reach over to my mac laptop keyboard to strike one of these keys to trigger something, inconvenient but the best solution for a few things not readily available in mouse menus.

The issue is that when I do this my Synergy 2 loses contact with the server. Checking the config on both the white dot is under the mac screen icon and I have to ctrl click with the laptops keyboard to select share from for the windows machine. Checking synergy on the windows machine shows the same results, and the same steps can be taken there to resolve the issue. 

I would like to see this corrected in two ways
1 - Get the full mac keyboard functionality working and into a build
2 - Key press of these keys should not immediately unshare the connection

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