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Feature to deal with network changes and laptop docking


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I noticed that changing from Wifi to Wired caused my laptop to lose connection to my desktop. Synergy should be able to change network interfaces to deal with this, as peoeple pick up their laptop, walk around with it, and might dock it back down.

In addition, I would like the ability for Synergy to STOP all together if my laptop is undocked (switching from Ethernet to WIFI) so that I can automatically have my screen bounds back for snapping windows. (Yes I know I can toggle on/off the scroll lock but this also prevents me from being able to keep the scroll lock in the position I want and use screen snapping and bounds at the same time)

At the very least, please put a button in the synergy 2 control panel to reset the services so that if I do flip my network from one to the other that I dont need to open up task manager and throw down the hammer.

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