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usynergy and scan codes

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Joel Davis
Hi, I have a question about uSynergy.c and scan codes. I'm using usynergy with the "IMGUI" library on ipad for remote mouse/keyboard. The gui code I'm using expects to get input as ASCII characters for text input (it does use the scan codes for things like tab), but uSynergy is sending keyboard scan codes. I got things to work by hardcoding a conversion mapping, but I'm worried that that wouldn't work on international keyboards. I can't think of a good way to convert these on the client, it seems like that would need to happen on the server side where it has knowledge of the device. Is there a way to get character codes thru uSynergy? Also, it seems like the scan codes usynergy is sending are off by one from what I see defined in HIToolbox/Events.h, which isn't a big problem, I'm just curious why that is. If it helps, the code I'm using can be found here: https://github.com/joeld42/imgui/blob/i ... mpl_ios.mm Thanks! Joel
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