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My setup...
3 laptop's...

two with no secondary screen and one does.
The external display is not added to the layout.

Can there be a option for this?

My external screen is above my main laptop and sometimes my mouse goes to the top screen and then I want to go to the left to the other laptops but I cant.
External screens are not added to the Synergy diagram. 

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You might need to drop down to the main screen on the laptop to move to the next screen.
When I have multiple screens the screen that has the furthest orientation to the placement is the one that allows me to move to the next system. 

Example 1 Landscape 1 Portrait mode, with another system "above" this one.  Only the screen in Portrait mode allows travel to the computer "above" it, when moving back down, I can enter either screen (depending on where I travel from)


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