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Anyone else upset with this release?

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8 minutes ago, Kelvin Tran said:

In this whole documentation argument, I have no side.

However, if you were to read the pinned posts in Synergy 2's self-support forum which clearly indicate that they need to be read first, you'll see that there is a real time log that can be accessed by holding the '~' (tilde) key.

You can see much more than the software isn't working, there will be issues pointed out with certain parts of the software. Please right click on the blue background and hit Send Log and let us have a look at your logs. At that point, we can help you.

I appreciate you trying to help but I have already given up on the software. I was just trying to provide feedback to the synergy team. They seem to be trying to make the software more user-friendly but have totally missed the mark imo. The software looks much nicer than synergy 1 but has no way for the average user to know what has broken. Telling people to search through 12,000+ line long log files is outrageous (that's how long mine was abd over 1 million characters!). I'm done with synergy for now, if 2.1 addresses my concerns then I will try again. Otherwise, I'm just going to try to provide some feedback to the team. (They really should have employees that are doing this)

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5 hours ago, Nick Bolton said:

We have no plans to. Why would we do that?

We have no immediate plans to write documentation. We may introduce documentation when we add a settings screen in 2.1. If Synergy 2 doesn't just work, then you found a bug. In this case, please raise a support ticket: https://symless.com/contact/customer-support

In regard to the forum viewing permissions, I just think there's some discussion here that could be valuable to users who browse the forum without logging in.

Regarding the documentation, thank you for confirming. I appreciate your consideration of implementing additional documentation in the future. And I'm very much looking forward to trying 2.1!

8 hours ago, Kelvin Tran said:

@Jig, what is your issue? I'd like to help you get it solved in quicker time than it will take me to write this guide.

If you've already written about it in the Self-Support forum, please link me to your post and I will address it from there. Otherwise, just create a new Self-Support forum post detailing logs, errors, and other anomalies in program behavior so that the other moderators and I may begin the occasionally-lengthy process of troubleshooting.

@Kelvin Tran I was able to resolve my issue through tinkering in the plaintext files, but I've ultimately gone back to 1.x until 2.1 is released. I was only pushing the idea of documentation for the users who are regularly using 2.x. I appreciate your concern, though.

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Nick Bolton
9 hours ago, samr said:

"If Synergy 2 doesn't just work, then you found a bug." ummmmm.....

Synergy 2 just works for about 95% of users currently. As for the other 5% (i.e. you), there are currently about 500 or so bugs that seem to stop Synergy 2 from working. We are fixing these in priority order. Priority depends on how many people experience the bug. Bugs are usually triggered by the user's environment being different somehow, and sometimes it's just because you're unlucky and there's an intermittent bug. If Synergy 2 doesn't work, then you're seeing a bug and you need to raise a ticket so we can diagnose the problem and fix the bug: https://symless.com/contact/customer-support

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