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Synergyd.exe using 15% of my CPU

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Steven F Wells
I was examining my task manager looking for something else when I noticed that synergyd.exe was using 15% of my CPU. That seems awfully high. If that is what it is supposed to be I may have to rethink my use of synergy to begin with. Now I find this is very ubiquitous since there are at least 20 other similar posts, but I see no answers. What gives?
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Ben Koenig
I am very sorry for not seeing this. The solution for high CPU usage tends to be running with the Synergy window minimized. This issue is also appears specific to 1.7.3. EDIT: This came across much harsher than I intended. More constructive advice is over here: [url]http://synergy-project.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=18&t=473[/url] <-------begin canned response------> Duplicate threads make finding you difficult. Please search the Forum for related threads before starting a new one. Help will find you faster if the number of threads per topic is lower. Remember: There are a lot of people here who can help. The Forum works better with less duplicates. Please and Thank you! <--------end canned response------->
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