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"Extra" computer is configuration, how to delete?

Kelly Byrd

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I have two computers with Synergy, but three entries showing in the config page. How do I delete the phantom? 

Here is what I think happened: 

For one laptop, I usually have a domain of .local, so the hostname is "computer.local" that's what it is right now. At some point last week, I somehow got a hostname of "computer.lan" for a little while. I was doing something to network settings, so I may have done this myself, but I think it was just a DHCP-assigned domain. But now, my Synergy 2 config screen shows three computers all the time "computer.local" "work-computer.foo.com" and "computer.lan" That last one isn't a real computer, it's never going to connect again.


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From what I have seen these computers seem to be grabbed from a sever somewhere during the auto config.
I don't think that they can be removed (yet, without someone who has access to the servers at least) as they are not only stored locally, but I could be wrong, and I hope I am as I also have some computers there that persisted after changing OS and name of the machine.

This, and a few other reasons, is why I really like synergy 1 and am having a difficult time switching. The auto config is really nice especially if you don't want to worry about anything after you install, just run and forget, but there are situations where it is wrong and that is where it was nice (and sometimes having this is needed) to have the manual options from synergy 1 (apparently some of these might be added, I hope soon)

My solution for now is to drag them off to the corner and forget about them

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thanks - glad i'm not alone with this.  I did some rearranging of the different computers that are showing up in the interface and finally got them arranged in a manner that allows synergy to work.


The odd thing is I had to force quit synergy on my desktop several times and now there is no interface showing, but it's working!

I'm on a mac so I don't know if that helps or not but it seems to be doing alright for the moment - a minor delay in the keyboard and mouse reaction time.

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+1 on this... I hope they get some manual way to delete them.... I mean highlighting and deleting them or a right click option would go miles for this... 

The program runs as a service now, so stopping / starting is NOT as easy as it was, though there is another post about that, which I as well hope they add something for that, it is extremely useful in full screen games that do not handle edges well. 

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7 minutes ago, jml said:

Agreed. Need a way to delete nodes.

Checked the 2.1 upcoming features, and it is on the way, we just have to deal till that gets released (Per the forum, "Early 2018"). 

Honestly some of the smaller config items like this make me want to switch back to Version 1 till get the 2.1 update GOES live. 

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I'm having the same problem.  My Mac is showing up twice.  My Windows 10 system isn't doing this at this time.

I also seem to have occasional problems connecting to the service from the Mac.  Sometimes a Retry will fix it others, not.

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I have the same problem. I have a Mac laptop I use both at home and at the office. At home I have another Mac, at work I have a Windows 7 box. 

I first configured Synergy to at home, so the GUI showed just the two Macs. Then I brought the machine to work, and the GUI showed the work Win 7 box, the home Mac, and two instances of the laptop. One of those laptop instances is the name of the machine on the home network (foobar.local) and the other is its name on the work network (foobar.mycompany.local). And the kicker: I hadn't used the laptop with the home Mac for a week, and today when I tried to do just that the GUI on that computer shows five machines, there is a second network name for the home Mac, and in the laptop's GUI I see three instances of the laptop and one instance of the home machine.

This is completely stupid. 

I am watching the synergy-router.log file (/Users/andy/Library/Synergy/synergy-router.log) from the Mac's Console app (just double-click on the file and it opens in Console, very handy) on the home machine, and I see the Synergy service attempting to connect to the machines on the work network (I recognize the IP addresses). I am also watching synergy-service.log and it is continually starting and stopping the core process.

Add to it that there is no user configuration, no documentation, and oh by the way it uses a cloud service that many reasonable employers would block by default makes the product impossible to use.

Here is what Synergy needs to make this a viable product:

  2. A user interface that isn't spartan to the point of useless. Synergy doesn't have a user interface. It has a window.
  3. Multiple configuration support, like Synergy 1 had, and that should be part of the base package, not as part of a higher-priced "pro" version.
  4. Get rid of the insecure ridiculous cloud nonsense. What if the user was on machines that for Very Good Reasons are NEVER connected to the internet? (I assume that nobody developing the product has ever worked in a secure environment.)

For $20 should I complain? Well, yes, I should, if the product doesn't work. I believe in supporting independent software vendors, but Synergy is non-functional as it stands now, and why should I spring $50 for the Pro version if the Basic version isn't any good?

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In my case, the Windows 10 computer travels back and forth between Home and the Office, the Mac remains in the Office, but it's still the Mac that is duplicated.  I share the keyboard/mouse from the Windows 10 computer.

I agree that having a client installed on my computers that I can't manage or adjust is rather frustrating!  It might be OK if everything worked properly, but this software seems a little buggy.

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