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Nick Bolton
On 31/01/2018 at 1:42 PM, GranPaSmurf said:

If a doctor sees patients all day that all, 100% have the flu, that doesn't mean that the whole population, 100%, have the flu.


This is the perfect quote. Well said! :D

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This was the advice support gave me with uninstalling 2.0. Maybe uninstalling 2.0 and reinstalling 1.8 will help with the issue.    Windows: First, uninstall Synergy using Add or remove

Thanks for the perspective Steve. Issues and problems are reported and accumulate here. It doesn't mean EVERY Synergy user has the same issues.  If a doctor sees patients all day that all, 100%,

I have the same issue. Worked perfect the first day, but the second day it stopped. Same machines you're using too. I contacted support and they said this weekend they'll have a new release hopefully

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