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Synergy on Login screen?


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I'm using Synergy to share mouse/keyboard between a windows 10 and mac Sierra, with windows as the server. This works fine when both computers are logged in, but when the mac goes to screen-saver or logs out the user, I can no longer control the mouse/keyboard on the mac.  Is there some way to make this work even when the mac is asleep, in screen-saver, or logged out?

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I quite understand why an OS would want to rely on local input only into the password box, but if it's safe and possible, please allow me to unlock my Windows box when sharing my Mac's keyboard.

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So this relates to the previous version as I just upgraded to 2.x, but I have a linux desktop configured as the host with a windows 10 laptop (for work, Fall Creators Update).

Whenever I'm done using it I put it to sleep, in the morning I sign into Linux and just move my mouse over (takes a second to connect) and type my password. 

Now I do have synergy configured to run as a service on that windows computer, so that could be why I can use it on the login screen. 

Contrast this to synergy running on my Mac as a client (haven't tried making it a service), after the inactivity period, the screensaver comes on. I can move my mouse cursor all I want, but can't type. I suspect this might be a security measure put there by Apple? 

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