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shared image for desktop background


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I don't use screensavers so that feature doesn't appeal to me.  I do, however, like to synchronize my desktop graphics.

If there were an option to set the desktop graphic on the server and select to use it on the client computers, I would use it every day.

I do it now, it just takes a bit of time.

BTW, I also set the matching desktop image on my Galaxy phone. Useless but fun.


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16 minutes ago, aristizabal95 said:

Would be nice to have this, I also need to edit my wallpaper to make it match through both screens5a15d4cd22980_WhatsAppImage2017-11-22at2_33_54PM.thumb.jpeg.2811f01bdeb0542c1929848641f1c092.jpeg

quite interesting stup, it looks verry cool.

and maybe set it to stretch the wallpaper across devices.

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