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Not working & no way to troubleshoot?

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Thanks for the info, I really appreciate it :) At least I kind of understand the displayed information now.

Sadly it seems like I just can't get it to work, even following your steps, so I'll try out Synergy 1 for now, at least until 2.1 gets released.

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I also installed 2.09 on both computers, they both showed the name of the other computer, but greyed out, and they kept trying and failing to connect.

I uninstalled on both, rebooted both and tried again. Now they both show the other as connected (lit up), but I cannot get it to *actually* work. The only option in the whole app now seems to be to right-click a monitor and select "share from X". I've tried it both ways, still nothing.

Log from "server":


Log from client:


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First, start a support ticket. SUPPORT
Report your experience to support. Send logs from each machine. Trouble tickets drive development
[email protected]

Try restarting the Synergy service on each machine. The GUI will show the screens 'connecting' then, if all goes well, go green. You should be good to go. If not, try this quick trick. On the GUI, mouse-grab one of the screens and move it away, so that it does not touch any other. Wait for a second or two, (again, gray & connecting screens) then reassemble them to your liking. This should restart the Synergy-core of all the displayed machines. 

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