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Synergy on Mac 10.10.3 not auto-starting: uncaught exception

Eric Klein

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I have the latest 1.7.3 synergy client and server. My client machine is a iMac running 10.10.3. A lot of the time I see synergy fail to start itself properly, or else some time after starting it'll stop. The error I see in the synergy log is: [code] NOTE: connected to server ERROR: exception on thread 0x00000003: <unknown> libc++abi.dylib: terminating with uncaught exception of type std::runtime_error: event queue is not ready within 5 sec NOTE: stopping synergy desktop process [/code] I grabbed the synergy source off of GitHub, and it looks like this code is throwing the exception: [code] void EventQueue::waitForReady() const { double timeout = ARCH->time() + 10; Lock lock(m_readyMutex); while (!m_readyCondVar->wait()) { if(ARCH->time() > timeout) { throw std::runtime_error("event queue is not ready within 5 sec"); } } } [/code] What's less clear is who the caller is and why they're not catching the exception. It's also not clear why the process isn't relaunched again after it's terminated. I'd love to help debug this, but I'm in the middle of a massive crunch at work, and I just have to move on unfortunately. I'm happy to provide any feedback that might help though.
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