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Things i need for productive working with Synergy


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I hope i'm not double posting this.
There are many topics had no time to read them all so i just looked over the Titles.

1. Sent to Tray, minimise the application to Tray only (In Linux and in Windows).
2. Adaptive connection window, it would be great if the window would adapt to the size of the icons, so that IF the Synergy window is open it will be tiny.
3. The program to stay active under login screens, (Permission lvls)

For the rest, i NEEDED a software that works, i have a tiny desk and kept typing on the wrong keyboard or using the wrong mouse and wondering why my mouse isn't moving.
This created some special issues... like me accidentally deleting around 200 lines of code on my Linux machine.
For some reason i now don't rly bother anymore, Synergy has a bright Future with a great user base, and Forums understanding that this software is still under construction i'm happy to live with the few flaws it has and maybe help making it better.

Thanks for Synergy :) 


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1. What is the reason for sending it to the tray? It's not required to have the application running/open for Synergy2 to work.


3. Do you mean to be able to control a locked computer? That'd be pretty cool.


You can also have a look here:

Seems as though a tray icon might be on the way-

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