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Synergy 2 - Login failed! Session IP address mismatch


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I hate "me too" posts but I have the same problem. Is this ever going to be fixed? Can I download version 1 which other posters here say works fine?

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Hi all,

I also was greated by this ip missmatch message and ended up here.

While reading your posts I checked my company laptop and desktop which both use cisco any connect to vpn into corporate lan ...

sernergy 1 had issues on my machines since day1 years ago and they were almost all related to "multiple" lan-adapters within windows. 

So I fixed this issue with v2.0.12 beta with - disconnecting from vpn and deactivating/disabling all the other NICs beside the one which gives me direct internet (still behind a cable router with ipv6 DS-Lite / Unitymedia Germany)


OS: Windows 7 Enterprise (DE) (default browser Chrome)

hope this helps others.


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