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Not connecting to auto-config service


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mine waffles between giving me this error and the "background services" error. I haven't been able to get synergy to work at all, and it's getting pretty annoying

Laptop Log: https://synergy-logs.symless.com/2017-11-09/10861-2017-11-09T01-00-10.log

My desktop, running linux mint, does not seem to be getting either of these errors but i can't test it's functionality without a working windows version.

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Same here:

[ Service ] [2017-11-09T16:01:21] debug: retrying cloud connection
[ Service ] [2017-11-09T16:01:21] debug: closing existing websocket connection
[ Service ] [2017-11-09T16:01:21] debug: retrying websocket connection now
[ Service ] [2017-11-09T16:01:21] debug: connecting websocket: pubsub1.cloud.symless.com:443

Not very good service :(

Switching back to v1.8 until they get this all fixed correctly..

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  • Synergy Team
On 09/11/2017 at 8:45 AM, _eka_ said:

Same here... PLEASE don't make Synergy depend on a Cloud service... what will happen if my internet is down?

Offline mode coming soon.

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