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504 Gateway Time-out

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I installed RC 2 on 2 computers (Win 64, Ubuntu 64) and now I keep getting "504 Gateway Time-out" The server didn't respond in time.  when I try to sign in with Symless (https://v1.api.cloud.symless.com/login/with-symless?code=ixJoSiHyZhbF8zJ6G6SXwHUsS9JzPUmogye%2FecFH50hN3Ns7jWzuLiMS8VWOl4WkkqsLneICH0gQKTzcpcCyqAWlYQzW7U%2F39yJmL6nfxnCeOQFgrYNCIRX0Q53Q4uP5%2B6rXwGjF6lqFlqYfNEh49COB%2BvcpcEXZovtGvMdvmVcM0w2Fud%2FzW1A1Eakg2ISPSRm9T1O7H%2BOEuLzDiJo1r2fuHF1lGtiK79CFY3nreYgAdDGT5NN8G2vXMoKU2iLRMnhmWHRM9CDmMxuVGj6aaG4U%2BUKNSOfAIF%2F8lfu%2FrxKztDPiC5dN8TICetA912UxNyuICNzD8I%2FdIiHYq6dPYrcEss%2FsAiPQu91kQQx8T1Nl15CPNTEaeG2YdZo6TxkddmUCxOtB9T72Nf2PdsvRxlDqg9JmjirtdJR%2FATov70RXoUNnkbWv%2BwVbJ0Q6Hm%2FvgqHseNfToLT9M%2FuYEc9YD7u0b45jmIHWfRNI9VlRVmEk6v4ofJJFtl7jsfVM%2Fcof5ZzlWdow3HsW1wKq%2FHWdb8AJoxjV24%2FqnCL%2FMKNzv7M6UZdGCRlZEzeDchZWJX5Fhs9kzueOdmjkRN4OWkVrPgdp%2FyHXeQgCWCq6I3G2Hu8kFLGIzxuFfCuwyWkRZUxfiwu1mXZY0bM%2FHnx93XgTrvC6w6bcWhKMG5cQ2QHwtwM%3D&state=C5NVOuCbubROO332O0iieVxf)

I've been trying multiple times during the day, but I keep getting these errors while I can access the rest of the Internet and work properly. It's happening on both Windows and Ubuntu.

How do you use Synergy 2 if the Cloud server is un-reliable? I think you need to have a fallback option there (so I dont have to uninstall/re-install to go back and forth between 1.8 and 2)

Back to 1.8 one more time :-(

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I have the same issue.  S2.0.0-stable Windows 10, 64-bit

It was working fine 2.0.0-RC, but since installing the "stable" release, it has asked me to log in about 80% of the time and today I'm getting the 504 error.

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  • Synergy Team
Nick Bolton
2 hours ago, Bruce Doan said:

FYI: API server is back, S2 is working as expected now.

Hey everyone, this issue is now fixed. Sorry for the downtime. If you're still having issues, please email us ([email protected]). You'll be glad to know that we're starting work on 2.1 now, which will have an offline mode. Also, the online mode will be far less reliant on the cloud. Only the bare minimum (activation and IP address exchange) will go through the cloud servers.

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