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Feature requests for Synergy 2

Nick Bolton

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This forum is for feature requests specific to Synergy 2. Some Synergy 1 feature requests have now been addressed, such as better auto-config and sharing from any computer. Synergy 2.0 is for the vast majority of users and is an MVP (minimum viable product) with the goal of being easier to configure. Synergy 2.1 (due early 2018) will be for the minority who want to tinker under the hood. It will have a settings screen, offline activation and other advanced options for more technical users.

Before you post, please search for a feature request so you can add your vote. If you have a new feature request that hasn't been thought of yet, please post a new thread.


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Ryan Erwin

Feature request:

Syncing of images instead of only plain text on clipboard. You could have a pre-cached "loading" image that is moved to the clipboard if you try to paste before the image has transferred.

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