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CPU Utilization with 1.7.3

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Donald McAfee
Just upgraded to 1.7.3 and my system started notifying me of high cpu utilization by synergyd on the server system. It jumps to about 17% "sometimes" when I move my mouse to the client machine (both win7 64-bit). 17% on this system is exactly one core/hyperthread. When I move my mouse back to the server after about 45 seconds its settles back to near zero cpu utilization. It does this occasionally but I only got it to happen on demand once and that time I clearly saw what I described. (Moved the mouse to the client and it kicked off and stayed there till I moved back.) 100% of one core/hyperthread seems excessive for what synergy is doing. steve
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I have the same issue. There seems to be a pattern to this issue. The CPU spike seems to only happen when the following conditions are present. 1. The client cannot communicate with the server. Usually because I am not connected to the home network. 2. The client GUI has not been launched 3. The client is not hidden to the notification bar. The moment I load up the GUI or "Hide" it to the notification bar the CPU usage drops. I am able to replicate this problem by rebooting (since synergyd starts on reboot). As long as I don't load the client GUI CPU will average about 40% to 60% for synergyd. This started when i upgraded to 1.7.2 No solution found yet other than hiding the GUI to the notification bar.
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