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Windows client not Starting unless logged in.


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Hi, found 2 more problems.

1. In the client machine, Windows 10, Synergy is not starting until I log in, hence, having to attach keyboard and mouse each time :'(

2. Just for the sake of trial and error I restarted Synergy in my server machine (MacOS) , killing Synergy, then synergy2 processes and this is what I got (attached):

I love Synergy, v1 was disconnecting all the time, so I say, will try v2, it's beta, it's feature complete... and I found myself in a worst situation than before.

Please, please... release the next beta soon.



Screen Shot 2017-10-12 at 6.53.22 AM.png

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Also when killing Synergy2 on Mac it restarts but it wont show the UI even when starting it from the icon.

Can't be rebooting my server machine all the time, it's my main dev machine and I have many many terminals open that I would have to reopen, etc...


Screen Shot 2017-10-12 at 7.05.44 AM.png

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12 hours ago, _eka_ said:

BTW: Just uninstalling Synergy 2 for the time being, BUT why it ask to stop SpiderOAK application on install/uninstall? It doesn't happen with Synergy v1

SpiderOAK ONE -> https://spideroak.com/one/

I honestly dont know.


did you still have synergy 1 installed while this(the not connecting) was happening?

and beta 5 is due in like a week

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