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Windows Firewall - "All" locations vs. "Domain and Private";


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I've been playing with Windows firewall rules, as I do not like services listening unnecessarily on what Windows calls "Public" connections. I've found a few interesting behaviors with 2.0 Beta 4, with a Windows 10 server and Windows 7 client.

1. By default, the Synergy installer permits synergy2 and synergys to listen on All connection types. Changing this to "Domain and Private" causes the client and server to fail to find each other, even when all my interfaces are in the Private zone.

2. I have to manually permit synergyd.exe to accept connections on all zones on the server, otherwise the client cannot connect. The installer should take care of this firewall addition.

Can anyone else duplicate the behavior of #1?  I've seen #2 documented elsewhere in the forum. I have not needed to permit synergyc to listen.

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