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2 monitor Debian 9 + Windows 10

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Windows 10 = The computer which I intend to use the keyboard / mouse from.
Debian = the slave machine.

(ALSO, PLEASE change the key to view the logs, I had to add a new keyboard layout just to be able to send the logs.)

Log from Windows 10.


Log from Debian 9.


The computers see eachother in the UI.

I've restarted the client(and network), and they are green on eachothers screens. I can also drag around the screens on each PC, and they do show up as the "same locatino" on both screens.

My issue is that I cant move my cursor to the others screen, or type on the others screen. I just don't know how I guess. They DO work if I disconnect the 2nd monitor from the slave machine (Debian). However.. They only work a few seconds before it stops working. (Works both ways)

I couldnt find a guide on how to use the program more than to troubleshoot it.
I'm running the Debian/Windows program with help from https://symless.com/synergy-2-beta4-troubleshooting


Thanks in advance.

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