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Mouse down lost once move mouse frm one CPU to other

Kanchan Thukral

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Kanchan Thukral
Hello, In our application, we are using synergy between multiple CPU as one keyboard mouse solution and all attached monitor with those CPU creating one space(one DESK) for client and client do not know about number of attached CPU. and in that while keeping mouse left button down when we move from one CPU to other we are not able to get that mouse down state, although it is still pressed. By this we are unable to give the solution of one place to work (hiding the multiple CPU) Can you help me to know that how can we get the mouse down state? if something need to be changed in the configuration then please let me know. If this is not possible then can you take this as a requirement as you are giving the feature of drag and drop.In drag and drop everything starts from mouse down press. Let me know in case you need more information. Please respond me as soon as possible as we need to purchase the Synergy for our application and this feature can effect our goal. Thanks in advance.
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