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Lock cursor to screen?


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11 minutes ago, stuart macmillan said:

Try scroll lock key.

Is there somewhere that all of these keys are listed at? Like F12, Scroll Lock and so on? Cause if not, we need a pinned post for these, or a help popup within the app itself even.

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Kelvin Tran

@Onoitsu2 Or, if you know all of the key mappings in Synergy, you could go ahead and make that post, feature it (as a moderator) and hope that an administrator helps you to pin it. I wholeheartedly agree with you for that and I wouldn't hesitate to experiment and make that post once I got some free time. Just note though, don't waste your time for Synergy 1, as v2 will come out soon and most likely will have different key mappings within the program as a result of the massive overhaul of the project.

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