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32bit versions (or will it connect to the version 1 client)


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I just signed up for the beta.

In the download area I can't find any 32bit downloads.

My main PC is a 64bit Windows7 Pro, but the others are Win8 32bit and I also plan to use Synergy on a Raspberry Pi3,

Will the windows download run on a 32bit system - and if not, is this planned for the future?

Otherwise, will the v2 version connect to 1,8 versions?


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1 hour ago, StuartG said:

I have the same question.  Primary computer is 64 bit but other computers are Windows 7/32 bit.  


38 minutes ago, SupperDog said:

same here. unusable.

To both of you, it was stated in another thread that come November they will be having a 32 bit version, but the beta overall is their pressing matter to get it to release grade overall. Many in that thread came with good points about netbooks among other tablets having 32-bit versions of Windows, even Windows 10 at times. So they are modern, but still only 32-bit.

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