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Nick Bolton
12 minutes ago, Kelvin Tran said:

am I correct in saying that the connection is made using the cloud?

Hmm, I hope I'm not getting you bogged down in semantics, but if I understand your question: only the introduction is made using cloud config, but the actual connection is always local. So the cloud is used in figuring out how to establish a connection, but saying "the connection is made using the cloud" is perhaps a little too easily misunderstood by some.

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Kelvin Tran

What I'm trying to say can be easily analogized here.

What I'm saying is pretty much similar to a couple that got introduced to each other through Joe (the cloud). Joe is helping the both of them find each other and "make that connection" (aka get into a relationship), but handling the relationship itself is nowhere near Joe's business. In the same way, what I'm asking is that is the cloud playing a similar role to Joe in the situation that I just presented? Is the cloud just helping two computers meet and start that relationship, but letting the service on the individual systems handle maintaining that connection and all of the work that goes along with that? Thanks!

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