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Why is all the Github information missing?


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I clicked on FAQ, manual, KB and it all points to Github and it's gone, is the company closing down or something.  I can't find really, really simple information searching elsewhere just a lot of spam.  I have server on Win 10, client on latest Ubuntu LTS, the latest, and adding the shortcut to Startup apps, lauches the app on Ubuntu but it doesn't "Start".  How do I add a -Start parameter to the /usr/bin/synergy command, not synergyc because nothing works when running that manual like it used to, it just doesn't connect ever, but running the shortcut in Unity works fine after you click the Start button yourself.

I also cannot find info on configuring a conf file, like the one you create when you choose save your settings, but the app will not use that conf file moving forward, not sure where it keeps changes, some it doesn't save which is why I want to add everything to a the conf file and tell the app to use that conf file everytime it start, again the /usr/bin/synergy app which Unity works with, and then calls in the background synergyc.  Every search that seems to have the info I need points to the Github account that is missing for Symless.  But I don't really need it if I can just find how to add parameters to the /usr/bin/synergy via editing the icon in Unity, and that includes either specifying all the params there, or just specifying one parameters, using the config file.

On the windows side, no problems, everything starts, settings are saved, but I haven't tested rebooting the windows system because I can't get the Ubuntu client to auto start as in run the application and have it Start the service, it's happen to run without Starting in a stopped state, it loves doing that.  Thanks.

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You guys really need to update your links. I dont understand how you run a technology company and allow this to happen so easily and for so long. You could easily update all the links in a very short amount of time but are not for some reason??

My business and the University I work for handles this kind of stuff very seriously because it makes the company look bad if links are broken everywhere. Maybe you guys need some more help or something.. Im just saying it makes a technology company look bad when links are broken for weeks.. 

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