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After Sleep or hibernate, no synergy on the client

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Stoyan Toulev
Hello Synergy (all Versions, for example the last 1.7.X, Windows 8.1 on both Client and server, ) never re-activates itself on the client after sleep or Hibernate. I have to Login myself in the Windows Client with ist own Keyboard/Mouse, and after Windows Login, synergy is again active on the Client so I can use the Server Keyboard/Mouse. But after the next hibernate or sleep, the Server Keyboard/Mouse are again inactive on the Client, so I have to plug in a separate Keyboard/Mouse in the Client, Login in Windwos there and after that Login, synergy is active on the Client again, so I can use the Server Keyboard/Mouse on the Client. In other words, after Sleep or Hibernate on both Client and server, Synergy on the Client starts only after Windows Login. Since the Windows Login can not be done with the Server Synergy Keyboard/Mouse, I need a separate "local" physical Keyboard/Mouse on the Client for Windows Login. After Windows Login on the Client with ist own physical Keyboard/Mouse, The Synergy Keyboard/Mouse from the Server is again active on the Client and works OK. Is this a known general Problem or something is wrong only on my side ?
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