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No connection from terminal or lightdm


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Synergy 1.8.8
OSX 10.12.6 (server)
Ubuntu 17.04 (client)
Wired network on both ends
No firewalls on either end or anywhere in between

When connecting from within a DE (cinnamon in this case), the connection is made and I can move between systems. When trying to use the same synergyc options as what's shown in the process list during lightdm starting, there is no connection. While troubleshooting, I've had lightdm running and am trying to start synergyc via ssh. There is zero traffic coming out of the client, not even an ACK packet when running as root or a user (confirmed with tcpdump). The command being used is /usr/bin/synergyc -f --no-tray --debug INFO --name waffles --enable-crypto

If I run the command via ssh when I'm already in Cinnamon, it connects and everything is fine (well almost). It's just that it will not send any traffic to connect when lightdm is running it.

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