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Clipboard Prevents Switching to Client

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The following message appears whenever I try to switch from my Windows server to my Mac OSX client with a large* clipboard: [code]INFO: switch from "[WIN]" to "[OSX]" at [x,y] INFO: leaving screen INFO: screen "[WIN]" updated clipboard 0 INFO: screen "[WIN]" updated clipboard 1 NOTE: client "[OSX]" has disconnected INFO: jump from "[OSX]" to "[WIN]" at [WIN screen center x,y] INFO: entering screen NOTE: accepted client connection INFO: accepted secure socket NOTE: client "[OSX]" has connected[/code] This renders me unable to control my client machines until I clear my clipboard. *"Large" means any image, or anywhere upwards of about 600-800 plaintext characters. Issue was identified on 1.7.2—I have been unable to test on 1.7.3 because I cannot connect at all using the newer version.
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