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V1.7.3 server and client connection issue

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Sofian Teja
Hi, I just installed V1.7.3 on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS and Mac OSX 10.10.3 and got some connection Server client issue. I can not get the server and client connection establised in normal condition. Then at client, I try to save the log by selecting debug2 then I found it the connection server client was established, then when I try to log the info by selecting to "info", then the connection is not establised. THis below is Server (Mac OSX) print out: NOTE: accepted client connection ERROR: passive ssl error limit exceeded: 100001 ERROR: fa iled to accept secure socket INFO: client connection may not be secure NOTE: accepted client connection INFO: accepted secure socket ERROR: ssl error occurred (system call failure) NOTE: new client disconnected This below is Client (Ubuntu) print out log: NOTE: starting client NOTE: config file: /tmp/qt_temp.MT4091 NOTE: log level: ERROR NOTE: log file: /var/log/synergy.log ERROR: passive ssl error limit exceeded: 100001 ERROR: failed to connect secure socket NOTE: stopping synergy desktop process
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Stephen Farmer
I'm getting the exact same thing on my macbook running the server from my PC. Any help would be greatly appreciated
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