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Keyboard Language changing when switching between screens

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Right. Sounds like we are having slightly different problem. The problem I'm having is it automatically switching keyboard layout for me (e.g. english layout to japanese layout), not switching between inputting english and japanese within the japanese layout, which is what you have described with the kor/eng conversion key. But do correct me if I'm wrong.

I did try using PowerToy as you said to remap either win+space (switching layout) and alt + ` (japanese switching between english and japanese) but so far they don't seem to solve the problem. I might have to investigate further though.

But anywho I'm still hoping this is something that can be fixed with Synergy itself. This opening thread was started 5 years ago and it's sad that we have to rely on workarounds.


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I have a smilar issue. But much worse...

My server is windows 10 Microsoft IME korean keyboard

My client is a Linux Ubuntu 20.04 Korean 101/104 keyboard

When I go to the client device, the keys used are somehow a very fucked up AZERTY that doesnt make any sense. for example the bottom row is:

wxcvbn;m (notice that the ";" is somehow before the "m", moreover the "m" on an azerty layout shouldn't even be on the bottom row).

Second issue is that anytime I press a key that isn't a letter, like 123456/';[]{}... the client crashes:

[2022-11-17T15:18:09] DEBUG: lost clipboard 1 ownership at 1134032
[2022-11-17T15:18:09] DEBUG: lost clipboard 0 ownership at 1134033
[2022-11-17T15:18:10] WARNING: LANGUAGE_DEBUG Poll result 1
[2022-11-17T15:18:11] ERROR: process exited with error code: 11
[2022-11-17T15:18:11] INFO: detected process not running, auto restarting
[2022-11-17T15:18:12] DEBUG: starting process
[2022-11-17T15:18:12] INFO: starting client

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