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Wrong keyboard layout sent by server - Razer Synapse

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Not so much of a problem, more of fix for anyone reading this and having the same problem as me.

While using my Windows 10 desktop as a server, Fedora as my client, I noticed the client was using the wrong keyboard layout. (US, should have been UK). After much digging around and debugging, I discovered the quite frankly terrible Razer Synapse software was the cause. It has it's own default keyboard layout which was set to US, even though Windows was using UK. I didn't even realise it was running. New system build, must have installed it by accident as it never used to be a problem as I always opted not to install Razer Synapse.

The fix? Uninstall Razer Synapse. Or buy a decent keyboard from anyone but Razer. Or change the stupid keyboard layout within the software itself.

I hope this helps someone who was as baffled as I was.

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