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Pro activation not sticking - key remembered though

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Mac OS (currently Sierra (10.12.6) but also Maverics) every time I reset the computer I have to go to activate synergy (1.8.6-stable-2ab21aa) to get the SSl back online. Until I do it obviously won't talk to any of the other computers. It just will not remember that it has been activated. But when I open  the activation window it  displays part of the key. I used to retrieve the full key and paste it in each time but one time I just submitted what was there and it was happy, SSL (pro) activated and it connected with the server. So at least I don't have to go get the key each time....but it will not remember that it has the key and use it.

I have even shut down synergy and restarted it in case it was not saving. (although the fact that the key is visible seem to indicate it is saving... it's just ignoring it)

This issue does not exist with linux or windows...they remember that they have been activated..
Would like a solution to this.


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This issue was originally submitted August 1 via [email protected]  Ticket 39160.

Joe Abasolo replied to my support request: "Would you mind if I helped you via the forums? I'll need you to post your question as a new thread, then you can give me the link and I'll personally make sure someone on my team replies."


email request sends me to forum, forum request sends me to email....  this is generally recognized as an infinite loop.


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  • Synergy Team
Nick Bolton
On 9/5/2017 at 1:14 PM, mrwzrd said:

email request sends me to forum, forum request sends me to email....  this is generally recognized as an infinite loop.


Don't worry, we changed our policy. Please email support, they won't send you here any more.

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Well... based on the reply from support (see below) I guess it's up the the forum users. (I've been told they can't/won't help and to bugger off.)


Anybody have any suggestions?  This is affecting 3 computers, all Apple. (2 Macs and a MBP) so I don't think it is a specific computer install. Also, the three computers do not have the same set of programs installed and the common programs are everyday editors, mail, etc. so I am fairly certain that it is not a specific computer problem. Also... it used to work... then at one of the updates (not sure which one as I didn't think much of it at the time and the computers do not get reset that often) it started forgetting that it was registered even thought the key was still saved.


Any suggestions appreciated.


Response from Support:


Joe Abasolo (Symless)

Sep 8, 10:56 EDT 

Hi D......,

I'm really sorry, but I'm unable to offer any further technical support with this particular problem. We're of course more than happy to give you a full refund as well as leaving your account active (so you can try future updates). Does that work for you?

If you don't want a refund, you can also troubleshoot your issue on our user community forums (https://symless.com/forums/). This is a place where users can help each other. Please let me know if you'd rather do that.



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Hey I'm not sure if anyone is looking at this anymore, I have found that if you configure the synergy as a client the key will 'stick' to the software. This solved my issue of keying in every time I open synergy.

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