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4 Monitor setup


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I tried to use the config example here, but it doesn't seem like it was completed -> https://github.com/symless/synergy/blob/master/doc/synergy.conf.example-advanced

I'm using the monitor LG 43UD79-B which allows 4 inputs to be displayed in one monitor. My set up is a Windows machine acting as the Synergy server which controls three monitors and then a MBP on one monitor. The layout is as such.

|Windows| |Windows|
+---------+ +---------+
|MBP       | |Windows|
+---------+ +---------+

The four displays are each 1920x1080.

Any help would be appreciated in getting the configuration working. I did search the forum and didn't find anything that helped, so if I missed something, I apologize. Thank you for your assistance and time.

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