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Third-Party KVM Support

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Richard Tracy
I am a simple programmer and IT engineer and here is my setup: I have the main system running Windows 10 Insider Preview and synergy server with two monitors and a keyboard and mouse directly connected to it. Then I have a Windows 8.1 Pro x64 with Media Center (running as my Media Center Server) on another screen hooked up to a IOGear KVM which is also connected to a another Windows 7 Ultimate (32-biti) machine (for backward compatibility testing), all on a separate keyboard and mouse. All of them are connect via synergy as well and works flawlessly! Howeever, to wsitch screens on my IOGear KVM, I have to hit the scroll lock twice. I know that if I hit the scroll lock once, it disables the synergy clients. That not an issue. I was thinking a good feature would be able to incorporate third party kvm (using the hotkey feature maybe) to be able to switch the monitor just as the mouse passes to the next screen....basically send a hotkey TWICE two the connected keyboard By the way I LOVE synergy! I have recommended it to all my IT coworkers
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