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Scroll wheel stops working on Mac client

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Michael Robbins
I am now running 1.7.3 x64 on Windows 8.1 (server) and OSX Yosemite (client). After the Mac has been connected for a couple of hours, the scroll wheel on my mouse will stop working on the Mac. It still works fine on my Windows machine. Stopping and restarting the server (Windows) will resolve the issue and it will be fine for another couple of hours. This started happening with the very first version after the window focus issue was resolved (1.6.3, I believe). I've had this happen on each new version since then.
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Jorj Webb
Same problem here, but no macs...only Windows XP Pro server, with XP Pro and Win7/64 clients. Very annoying to have to keep restarting the Synergy service on the server. Does anyone know why this is, at least how to work around it?
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