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Keyboard Issue Windows - Mac

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James Gorman
Hi guys! Sorry these might be an easy one that has been asked/answered before. Some of the keys I use on my windows 7 host computer are mapped incorrectly to my Mac OSX computer. This is temporarily fixed when I do a restart, however the issue returns shortly after. I have only noticed this since doing the last Synergy update. For instance the ' key appears as "s" on my Mac. Any ideas? Love James <3
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Ben Koenig
Hey James! Are you using the same keyboard map in OS X as you are on the Windows Server? I've been wondering lately if this makes a difference. In the Preferences for your Mac you should be able to select a "Keyboard Layout". I'm assuming this needs to match the keyboard you are using on Windows with Synergy, not the Mac keyboard Try it and let me know, I am really curious about this one. :idea:
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