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Command option to force wizard to run

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Eric Brundick
I have 2 requests here: 1. Can there be a clear command option for the 'synergy' cmd (under Linux at least) to force the wizard to run 2. If Synergy finds any local config files that it uses to pull in settings, can it (by default) print those filenames to stderr or stdout under Linux. I was tearing my hair out trying to figure out where synergy was getting its default settings from every time I ran 'synergy' (which produced no GUI window)... turns out there was a ~/.config/Synergy/synergy.conf file it was using. Had to use strace to figure that out. Deleted it and then re-ran 'synergy' which ran the wizard, and now v1.7.3 it shows me the typical settings GUI every time I run 'synergy'. Also the Linux plugins are broke, see my latest thread in Crashes. Windows doesn't have any trouble obtaining its plugins but on Linux it just bombs with a 500-style error apparently.
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