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XMBC and Synergy

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i'll using the XMBC-Software for more mousebutton-functions and i install it at all pc's i use with the Synergy-Software.

After installing XMBC on the Synergy server-pc (WINDOWS 10 pro) it works fine but only at this machine. If i move the mouse to a Synergy Client-pc, only the mouse-arrow is working. No mouse-button and no keyboard-input is working. It only works when i disable the XMBC by the contextmenu in systray at the Synergy Server-pc. That's not usefull and i'm verry unhappy about this. :( 

Is it a known problem or is xmbc incompatible with Synergy without a solution ?

I told this problem also in the XMBC-Forum but no one can help me there.


Thanks !

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