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What is crashpad_handler and what it does

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I found this in processes:

/Applications/Synergy.app/Contents/MacOS/crashpad_handler --no-rate-limit --database=/Users/user/Library/Preferences/Symless/Synergy/dumps --metrics-dir=/Users/user/Library/Preferences/Symless/Synergy/dumps --url=https://synergy.sp.backtrace.io:6098 --annotation=format=minidump --annotation=token=sometokencode --handshake-fd=10

What is the purpose of this process?
I think it sends some data about crashes of Synergy. Maybe you should inform users, that Synergy will send some data outside of the local computer.

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Guest Andrew Nelless

@filip This process sends information back to us when Synergy crashes. No data is sent back to us at any other time (except as required to accomplish cloud configuration), and when it does crash absolutely no keyboard or mouse data or logging is sent back to us. The only thing we get is the operating system version and stack traces. Currently this information isn't even directly linked to customer IDs.

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