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a request for more consistent settings,

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As someone who uses synergy to connect a workstation/gaming box to a laptop my usecase requires a handy accessable "lock to current screen" functionality, which i used to be able to set for f11 or something. (Would LOVE a way to connect "switch to PC 1 AND lock to screen" to be functional on the same button as they were not in S1 for me) The main problem i had back then is that sometimes for no reason i could ever puzzle out it would just delete my hotkey, not a big deal, but quite annoying.

Did i do something wrong to have it whipe on its own? Is it supposed to be a feature to have the settings reset?

I hope this functionality (or something like it) is coming back in a future update?

I'm running windows 10 pro 64bit on all my devices.

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Paul Suarez

Hi @FireFrenzy. Sorry for replying a bit late on this. We are planning to have that feature added on the official release. Please sit tight as we try to make v2 even better. :)

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