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Mapping Mac Command and Option Keys to a Windows Keyboard

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On 2/8/2019 at 10:11 AM, lconover said:

This took quite a bit of troubleshooting, and it's a bit of a hack.  These settings assume you're using a Windows system as the server, and the Mac system is the client.

What this will do to map your keys:

  • Windows key 'control' will be 'command' on the Mac client
  • Windows key 'Windows' will be the 'option key' on the Mac client
  • Windows key 'alt' will be the 'control' key on the Mac client

On Windows:

  1. Stop the Synergy service running in the background.
  2. Go to C:\Users\YOUR USERNAME HERE\AppData\Local\Symless\Synergy
  3. Edit the synergy.conf file as follows for the destination Mac under section: screens
  4.     ctrl = meta
        alt = ctrl
        super = alt
  5. Save your changes.
  6. SET synergy.conf THE FILE TO READ ONLY - this is key, since otherwise your changes will get overwritten as soon as the Synergy service restarts.  I had it nuke my test files several times before I realized what was happening.
  7. Restart the server.

I'm going to post this on other related threads to help others as well.  Note that if you change your setup later, you're going to have to undo this change (let Synergy edit the file), make the setup changes, and reapply it.

*  And now for a selfish plug - if you find that this solution saves you time, throw me a follow on Twitch or Instagram (cautionary_snail) - it's free, and follows make me happy since I work hard on my photos, and will be trying to build a Twitch channel soon.  If you work for a company that's awesome (hello to any animation companies, 3d printing companies, etc.) and can send a discount or silly postcard my way, that's especially awesome.  I'd worship you if you can get me early access to The Outer Worlds so I could get a jumpstart on streaming it!  :)


Thanks! This worked for me. I was so frustrated by not being able to figure this out. 

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