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Connectivity to Server not working from command line start up.


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Hey gang. I installed the latest Synergy on a Fedora 25 box and installed fine and it actually does run from the gui, however when starting from a command line, I get no actual connection to the server.


I checked and I can connect to the server with the port, so there is no firewall issue.

There is no error when starting from command line, I just never see the session connect to the server. 


Client is Fedora 25 64-bit, latest patches, synergy-v1.8.8-stable-25a8cb2-Linux-x86_64.rpm

Server is windows 64 bit.


Starting the client with: /usr/bin/synergyc --debug INFO --name tholmes-fedora




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It does start once the user is logged in on the console. I can run it as the user that is logged in at that point.

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