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Will Synergy work with Wacom tablets?

Karl Buhl

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Miguel Goncalves
I asked the support team also for that feature. Our team of artists or the people that suffer from RSI and use a tablet to help that condition would greatly benefit from it. A "simple" tablet support could be a hotkey that would switch the computer receiving the tablet moves. This seems preferable to mapping the tablet surface to different monitors since we would end up with a tiny area of the tablet for each monitor. Could you guys let us know when we can expect a tablet support to be implemented?
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We have some response on the Synergy work with Wacom tablets? We really need this feature, this is what is missing for me migrate to Synergy. I believe that many artists are in the same condition. The idea of Miguel Goncalves is perfect: "A" simple "tablet support Could be a hotkey que would switch the computer receiving the tablet moves."  They might say if there is already this feature or something similar? Cheers
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Alain Franzoni
just bought synergy, i use a mac and a surface tablet on mac i have a wacom intuos pen and touch and can't really find a way to use it i also try to add a mouse, with tablet connected, but it doesn't seem to work any solution?
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Hello Synergy Team,

Yes, I'm also pretty much interested to share my Wacom tablet between my two synergy computers. I can see that the first entry of this topic is pretty much old, any news of graphics tablet sharing feature for synergy? 


Thank you.

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This is likely not the application for Wacom tablet that you have in mind. I use 3, one on each of the computers that I regularly have on, using Synergy. The nearest tablet attaches to my Synergy server, a Win 10 with a Logitech lighted keyboard. Yes, it serves as the mouse for all the Synergy linked machines.  When I need to mouse around on one of the other computers, I just move the mouse to the next pad. This is the only purpose for the Wacom CTE-440 tablets, they don't work on my Linux graphics programs. They are old obsolete tablets that I bought from eBay for about $10 each, over several years. The active area is small, but I have the dpi pretty sensitive. Very slight movements are all I need.

It seems with every Synergy update I need to work on one of the client computers directly, and usually, it can be done with just a mouse action.

The basic answer to your OP is Yes, Synergy works fine with Wacom tablets, at least my old ones.


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