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Extended display with differing zooms on Win 10 - Mouse weirdness


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Firstly, I have been using Synergy for many years and its been great. However recently I've bought a new 13" laptop which has its screen running at 3200x1800 scaled at 250% in windows (in a similar way the macs scale the retina displays)

To quickly explain the setup:

Synergy Server (Left): CentOS 7 running 1.8.8 - dual monitor
Synergy Client (Right): Laptop running Windows 10 running Synergy 1.8.8 64 bit
  Two Screens:
    Left: 1440x2560 at 100% scale (yes, I run this portrait)
    Right: 3200x1800 at 250% scale

The issue is that when I use the servers mouse, scroll right into the laptops left screen, it connects, all is fine, I continue moving the mouse right until it goes onto the right hand screen of the laptop (the one scaled at 250%), and if I keep moving the mouse right until around 500 pixels into the right screen suddenly the pointer disappears. If I scroll the mouse left a bit it reappears.

This isn't a disconnect, but it looks like the mouse has actually shunted to the bottom of the screen. I have tried to illustrate with this screenshot. In red it shows where the cursor was, but when it crosses the line I drew in blue, the cursor disappears, but if I right click it shows the it is actually hovering at the bottom of the screen (and no amount of moving "up" appears to make it display). I've tried adjusting a few settings here and there but can't seem to fix this, this install of Windows is only 2 days old.

Nothing of interest appears in the logs even at debug2 when this occurs, logs at link below in case I missed anything, but I have the I've also added pics of the screen resolutions and display setup for completness. https://gist.github.com/anonymous/721f17bec6a677623ad7462a7d904068

Has anyone else had this / or have a similar setup? I presume this is likely an issue due to the atypical setup, and I'm presuming the 250% scaling is the most likely cause?

- MrMoo






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