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OK, I was a 'freetard' using Synergy years ago. Amazing stuff! Happy for the extremely low cost, but can't somehow work out - is PayPal acceptable? Have to wait a couple of weeks 'till my benefit payment, but (although unemployed, I'm an 'intern'*) want to see if my company EHP-Tekniikka.fi want to stump up some wedge for it - some of us have multiple computers. OK, one manager uses his other laptop as a door-jam, but.... Recommend this software wholeheartedly! One computer running Eagle PCB software, another Atmel Studio, and a tiny IKEA desk, ONE crappy mouse, and ONE second-hand keyboard. Nirvana! Well done, Mr. Bolton. Whoever gripes about $10 needs to go out for a drink (oh, wait....they can't afford one...) -Andy, Oulu, Finland * After 7 years unemployed, I took a challenge - work experience - to program an Atmel XMEGA. Xmega's like an Arduino on definitely illegal steroids. Shouldn't let 59-year-olds like me sniff the Xmega packing container....
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