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On 7/3/2017 at 0:47 PM, Paul Suarez said:

After digging deeper on this issue @tilted, I found out that there's an existing open issue in GitHub for this. This is still being worked on by our developers. 

Server hotkey sets non-numpad key with numpad input #4326

Is it? It was closed as fixed 2 years ago?

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Was any progress ever made on this issue? I am having a similar problem. Using Synergy 1.9.1-stable-2a0225c1 the keypad when used on the client machine only sends numbers as if I had typed them on the main number row of the keyboard, rather than the keypad. My main use case for this is the Application Keypad Mode used in terminal emulators. This keypad mode does work on the server with or without Synergy running(at least in PuTTy), but I need it to work on the client machine as well.

*edit* - Also, if I attempt to make a hotkey using the keypad on the server, it enters as just the same key code as the as the primary number row, keystroke(5) so Synergy appears to be treating these two keys the same.

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